July 14, 2011

YouTube: More Than Marketing

Stewart Savage, Technology Consultant and owner of Abaton Consulting, will be presenting at the July 21, 2011 meeting of Lunchtime Leaders. Mr. Savage’s presentation, YouTube: More Than Marketing, will focus on the benefits of using online video for business purposes and provide insight as to how to upload, configure, and access videos on YouTube.

In addition to attracting and engaging online customers, video is an effective tool for supporting a variety of business activities. Video hosting sites, such as YouTube, can be used to market your business, provide robust customer service alternatives, document and showcase special events, and support internal professional development efforts. Join us on July 12 and learn how online video can be used to support your business objectives.

Lunchtime Leaders is a complimentary leadership development program designed for the business leader dedicated to personal development and business achievement. This program provides business leaders the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who are focused on achieving business excellence and have a desire to build strong professional relationships while gaining insight into a variety of contemporary topics (technology, finance business services, etc.).

The information provided in these complimentary sessions will help you lead your organization and build a robust and agile business environment while giving your business a financial advantage in this competitive marketplace.

Lunchtime Leaders is held from 12 pm to 1pm on the third Thursday of each month at the Abaton Consulting Presentation Center, 221 G Street, Suite 202, Davis, CA. Space is limited for these free presentations. Email Stewart Savage at to participate.

Visit for more information about this complimentary professional development program.

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Stewart Savage is the owner of Abaton Consulting which provides technology development and management services to small businesses and non-profits in the form of technology management, web design services, social media, and professional development. Abaton Consulting is located in downtown Davis, Ca and provides management services to Yolo, Solano, and Sacramento counties.

More information about technology support services offered by Abaton Consulting can be found on his website at

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