The Future of Social Media in Journalism is changing.  The big question is who will win?

Over time, traditional and social media will slowly converge.  The best features of both will combine into a comprehensive and powerful media model.  The component of traditional media that must survive for this convergence to be successful is the “editor” component.

The news and information generated by citizen journalists, bloggers, tweeters, and the like will always have value.  The combined power of people from around the world communicating, sharing thoughts, and collaborating will easily eclipsed the power of traditional media outlets.  For this information to have value it must have credibility.

The “editor” will provide this credibility.  Social media news that is filtered and verified by a trusted agency as it is produced and published will have value far beyond unverified sources.  Readers of verified social media can be assured that what they are reading is accurate regardless of the actual source of the information.

Stewart Savage, Abaton Consulting

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