Website Design Pricing

Not sure about website design pricing, which website design solution to choose, or where you should host your domain? Contact Abaton Consulting and we will help you get started. We can consult with you and help you determine which website plan works best for you and your business. We can also help you with choosing the right domain name for your business and which hosting company would best fulfill your current needs while allowing your business to grow in the future. You are in control of your business and your budget.

Take a look at our website design pricing information and website maintenance package options below. Then give us a call or drop us an email and we can answer your questions and discuss how to best serve your business needs.

Website design, hosting, and maintenance should be easy and hassle-free. Contact us today!

You Own The Domain

With all of the website design and hosting consultation services from Abaton Consulting, we want you to own the domain. This basic philosophy puts you, the business owner, in control of your business and your online marketing and promotional efforts. You are better able to control how your online business works and easily make those critical business decisions. No more worries.

Website Redesign

You already have a website? That is not a problem.  We can review your site and see what we can do to improve your online presence. It could be something as simple as a website tune-up so your content accurately matches your business message or you may need something a little more complex such as a responsive design or enhanced digital content so you can better connect with your desktop or mobile customers.  Let’s get together to see exactly what your website update requires and which website maintenance package below meets your business needs.  Contact Abaton Consulting today using our convenient online contact form or give us a call at 530-392-8324.

Website Maintenance Packages

Whether you website was built by Abaton Consulting or another website developer, a maintenance package is important for protecting your online marketing investment. Spending thousands of dollars for a beautiful and functional website and not protecting your investment with a maintenance package is simply…bad business.  Abaton Consulting provides a number of website maintenance packages that protect your business and your investment.  Choose from one of the three website maintenance packages below that best suits your business needs and your budget.

The Fine Print

++Enhanced features and functionality for custom websites are dependent upon the needs of the business. A full assessment of business needs will help determine what additional features are require for the website.  Additional features and functionality require additional time for installation and configuration.

*Website restoration services are provided for recovery from website compromise or service failure.  Does not cover restoration of services resulting from client actions.

**Support hours are to be used each calendar month and do not “roll over.”

***Discounted hourly rates are based upon standard hourly rates. Discounted hourly rates are billed in 1/2 hour increments. Standard hourly rates are subject to change without notice.  Please inquire about standard hourly rates prior to request of services. 



Let Abaton Consulting create your business website and help connect you with your customers.

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