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Countdown to Picnic Day 2022








Picnic Day Scheduled for April 23, 2022

In a recent posts by the Davis Enterprise, the Daily Democrat, and UC Davis, the UC Davis Picnic day is return to campus and downtown Davis on April 23, 2022.

This is exciting news!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person events for the past two years were cancelled. During lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions, the 106th and 107th Picnic Days were celebrated virtually. No on-campus events. No parade.

Picnic Day 2020 photo gallery: Shadows of Picnic Day

Plans are under way to celebrate the 108th UC Davis Picnic Day in person. All signs are indicating that Picnic Day 2022 will be live and in person. There are no alerts on the official Picnic Day website that events are cancelled or strictly virtual.  On the UC Davis Picnic Day website ( FAQ page confirms that it will be an in-person event.

This is exciting! After two years, the Picnic Day Parade will again wind it’s way through campus and Downtown Davis, the Doxie Derby will delight people of all ages, food trucks will again be on Hutchinson Field (perhaps).

Picnic Day Central

Visit the official UC Davis Picnic Day website

Picnic Day Theme

We do know for sure that there is a theme for the 2022 UC Davis Picnic Day; Rediscovering Tomorrow.

The theme for the event was based upon the fact that the last two Picnic Days were held virtually. And with the global pandemic starting to ease, thoughts are moving towards what good fortunes will come tomorrow.

Our community is in need of a refresh. The 2022 Picnic Day may be just what we need.

Past Themes

With each new Picnic Day comes a new theme. If you are interested in reviewing the themes of yesteryear, have a look at:

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Picnic Day Schedule of Events

On the Official UC Davis Picnic Day website, you can now see what is in store for visitors to the UC Davis campus. A full line-up of in-person events are scheduled for the 2022 UC Davis Picnic Day.

The traditional favorites are definitely back!

  • Parade
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Doxie Races
  • Chemistry Magic Show
  • Fashion Show
  • Food on the Quad
  • Live Entertainment

A full Picnic Day Schedule of Events is available for you to navigate the hundreds (exaggeration mine) of events taking place on campus. The schedule is chock full of information, locations, times, links, QR codes, and maps to make your day at UC Davis exciting, fun, and safe.

Download your copy today!

One Aggie Network

The UC Davis Alumni and Affiliate Relations website has some great information about Picnic Day. They have compiled a short list of fun and exciting in-person and virtual events scheduled for 2022.

Schedule of Events

Download your copy of the UC Davis Picnic Day Schedule of Events – your trusty guide for navigating the UC Davis Campus and downtown Davis.

Photography from previous Picnic Days

Parade Map

The UC Davis Picnic Day Parade is the biggest highlight of the day. The parade starts on campus, travels around the UC Davis Quad, and then winds its way through Downtown Davis. There are plenty of spots from which to watch the parade.

Here is a  map of the Picnic Day Parade Route for 2022 (based upon the 2022 printed map)  along with some choice locations to watch the parade and to grab a bite to eat.

If you would like to see the original map, you can download the PDF.

For the best views and some professional announcing, check out these locations along the parade route:

  1. Grandstands on North Quad Ave. across from Wickson Hall
  2. 2nd and D St. in front of Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate Inc.
  3. F St. in front of PDQ Fingerprinting
  4. 3rd and C St. near Burgers and Brew

Celebrate Safely

With Picnic Day 2022, it will be important to celebrate safely.

We don’t know what COVID-19 and its endless stream of variants will hold for us.

We do know that we will be on the tail end of the Omicron spike. That means that proper safety procedures will be in play. Follow these standard recommended pandemic mitigation strategies along with any State, Local, or UC Davis directives/mandates that are required to participate in Picnic Day festivities.

  • Be sure to wear a mask.
  • Socially distance yourself from others.
  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Get tested.

Have a fun and safe Picnic Day.

You may have to take an online symptom survey, just to be safe. Information for the survey is here.

UC Davis Picnic Day information for a safe celebration.

City of Davis Safety Enhancement Zone

As with any event, they come with their fair share of problems. The City of Davis and UC Davis are no strangers when it comes to “over celebration” on Picnic Day. 

As a result, the City of Davis implements a Safety Enhancement Zone from 6:00 pm the evening prior to and through 6:00 am the morning after Picnic Day. So, from Friday evening to Sunday morning, think of safe ways to celebrate the rich history of UC Davis.

A list of ideas on how to safely celebrate UC Davis Picnic Day along with a list of enhanced fines can be found at:

Enhancement Zone Map

Here is a map of the Safety Enhancement Zone.

Note: This map is for illustrative purposes only and varies from the actual Enhancement Zone Map. You can find more information about the Safety Enhancement Zone and the original map at:

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