Kim Maslaniak, Principal – KAMhr, Human Resources Consulting, presented at the May 20, 2011 meeting of Lunchtime Leaders.  Her topic, “Social Media in the Workplace,” provided the participants of this session valuable information on how to address social media from a human resources perspective.

The key topics for her presentation on social media in the workplace were:

  • Potential Legal Claims
  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Employee Privacy
  • Employee Discipline for Social Media Use
  • Best Practices for Employers
  • Key Elements of Effective Social Media Policies

Ms. Maslaniak’s presentation was certainly an eye opener for the attendees of Lunchtime Leaders.  Social media is quickly being adopted by businesses as a way of communication customers and marketing goods and services.  As the role of social media in business increases, business owners need to understand this new media and establish ways of managing its use across all segments of business, especially human resources.

If you missed this session of Lunchtime Leaders, our next session is scheduled for June 16, 2011.  The topic will be “Facebook Security, Protecting Your Personal Information,” presented by Stewart Savage of Abaton Consulting.

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