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Refer A Friend Program Abaton Consulting

The best clients are the ones that are referred by fantastic clients like you.

People don’t now about great businesses unless you tell them. I have been designing websites since starting my business in 2009 and many of my clients come from referrals; referrals from people like you.

If you know a friend/colleague in need of a new website, refer them along to Abaton Consulting. I will do my best to provide them with the same level of excellence all my clients are accustomed to.

What you get

As a thank you for the referral, you and receive a $100 account credit when they complete an agreement for a new website design project.

Something even more important…there is no limit to the number of credits you can earn from the referral program. If you refer 10 people/businesses per year to Abaton Consulting, you can earn $100 per person/business when they complete and agreement for their new website design project.

Your account credit can be applied towards website design work, website maintenance, photography services, video services, or search engine optimization services.

The choice is yours. You can apply your credit to the select set of services provided by Abaton Consulting.

There are two stipulation for client credits

  • Unused account credits expire 2 years after they are earned.
  • Account credits cannot be used towards new website design projects.

This is a great program for people who know people.

What your friend gets

Well, since you referred your friend to me for a new website design project, you must like them. So it would make sense that they receive some sort of bonus for being your friend.

That is why your referral will also get a referral bonus of up to $100 when they sign a new website design agreement.

Their referral bonus will be applied to their first regularly scheduled maintenance plan.

New client referral bonuses expire 6 months after deployment of their new website.

Your friends can choose from the various maintenance plans listed here.

Everybody comes out ahead with the Abaton Consulting Refer a Friend program.

Be sure to tell a friend.


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