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by Feb 11, 2020

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Last Updated: February 11, 2020

Seasons Kitchen and Bar – Fine Dining Restaurant in Downtown Davis, CA

Seasons Kitchen and Bar ( in downtown Davis, CA is the is the one of the premier fine dining experiences  in our community. The restaurant sources it’s ingredients from local farms and vendors. They believe in maintaining a connection with farmers, ranchers, vintners, and bakers. This allows Seasons to create a variety of elegant and delicious menu items with a distinctively Davis/Yolo County personality. Their daily and weekly menus reflect the bounty that this region has to offer.

The website, from Abaton Consulting, showcases the delicious food options and the fine dining experience that guests will be able to enjoy when they visit.

Website Features

Many components from a number of sources were used in creating the Seasons Kitchen and Bar website.  This was truly a collaborative design effort. All the team members provided inputs which were brought together into a complete website design that reflects the beauty and elegance that can be found at this wonderful downtown Davis restaurant.

Color Scheme

The color scheme  for the website is based upon the information provided in the Seasons Kitchen and Bar style guide from The Gettys Group, a hotel design and development firm based in Chicago, IL. The primary colors used in the website design are Dark Forest Green, Pumpkin Orange, and Taupe along with white and black accents. The three colors in unison complement the “local farm to fork” feel of the overall website design.

Seasons Kitchen and Bar in Davis, CA

Seasons Kitchen and Bar website designed by Stewart Savage of Abaton Consulting in Davis, CA

As you can see in the image of the homepage above, website colors complement the interior design of the restaurant. This is a result of the client providing information, such as the style guide, that can be used as part of the design process.

Homepage Slider

The website was designed with a hero slider section. This allows the valuable real estate at the top of the page to be used effectively. The slider contains nine images of the restaurant, food, and drinks.

Normally, sliders are not recommended for websites as they can compromise website speed and performance. In this instance, we opted to use a slider to more effectively use the space on the homepage/landing page with the goal of showcasing the fine dining experience found in downtown Davis.

Graphic Elements

In addition to the color scheme, graphic elements were also provided by The Gettys Group. The website logo, and graphic background were used as part of the design.

The logo file was used to create the SVG graphic image file used on the website. Multiple versions, using the colors specified in the style guide, were created. This allows the logo to be used in various locations while maintaining consistency with the style guide.

The SVG image format is used to improve website performance. The Scalable Vector Graphic format allows a single (and frequently small) image file to be used in multiple location. It’s versatility allows it to scale up and down in size for the specific application. The need for multiple JPG or PNG image sizes is reduced, and sometimes eliminated, by using images in the SVG format.

Background patterns were deconstructed down to their basic elements so they can be used effectively as backgrounds on the website. By deconstruction and extracting components and creating small PNG and JPG images, background elements can be “tiled” vertically and horizontally. This process reduces image sizes and subsequently improved website rendering performance.

Online Reservations

The OpenTable reservation system is integrated into the website. This allows website visitors to check table availability and make reservations quickly and easily. The OpenTable app uses javascript to integrate with the WordPress website.

OpenTable Reservation Form Image

OpenTable Reservation form as viewed from a desktop device.

The reservation screens vary depending upon if you are accessing the Seasons Kitchen and Bar website via a desktop computer or via a mobile device. Each reservation app is optimized for a specific device/screen format making both desktop and mobile reservations quick and simple.

Open Table Reservation Screen on a Mobile Device

A sample of the OpenTable reservation system as seen on a mobile device.

Mobile First/Responsive Website

The Seasons website is a “mobile first responsive” design. The design is developed to render well first on a mobile device and then modified to render well on desktop devices. This makes both website and desktop versions fast and beautiful.

For mobile users, additional website elements are included; taking advantage of features that are inherent to mobile devices. These elements include:

  • Click to Call buttons
  • Mobile Navigation
  • Email Integration


Mobile device options

The Seasons Kitchen and Bar website has some additional features available when viewing on mobile devices.

Photo Gallery

Pictures can be worth a thousand words. What better way to showcase the excellent menu options and fine dining experience at Seasons Kitchen and Bar than a photo gallery.  The website photo gallery is full of images showcasing the seasonal and regional cuisine Seasons has to offer. Website images provided by Ate 6 Media.

Image of website photo gallery

The photo gallery provides website visitors some examples of the delicious food and drink to be found at Seasons Kitchen and Bar.

Contact Seasons Kitchen and Bar

Seasons Kitchen and Bar is located in downtown Davis immediately next to the new Hilton Garden Inn. Be sure to stop in and experience the creativity of their head chef.

Seasons Kitchen and Bar
102 F Street, Davis, CA 95616
(530) 746-5500

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