Law Office of Roberta Savage

by Jan 14, 2016

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Updated July 16, 2020

Law Office Of Roberta Savage

The Law Office of Roberta Savage ( provides high-quality representation of students with disabilities in special education litigation. Types of services includes representation at: mediations, hearings, and appeals with a focus on obtaining positive results in program disputes and to improving the special education services provided to clients.

Website Features

The homepage of uses a hero image to capture visitor attention and bring people into the website. The image, from the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC, shows a young child reaching towards an inscription. The photograph was taken by Stewart Savage.

A simple and clean text-based logo is used to identify the website. The logo is used on the website as well as printed items as part of an overall branding strategy.

Animation of the navigation bar adds an interesting element to an otherwise simple website. The transitions for the hover state help viewers see that the navigation bar is active and provides access to additional information.

Contact the Law Office of Roberta Savage

Roberta S. Savage, Attorney at Law
221 G Street, Suite 201
Davis, Ca 95616

p: 530-753-4497
f: 530-753-4498

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