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by Feb 6, 2022

Newman Associates CPA in Davis, CA Website Homepage
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Newman Associates CPA – Accounting, Tax Preparation, Planning, and Auditing

The website provides online information for Newman Associates Davis CPA firm. Newman Associates provides CPA, tax preparation, tax planning, tax auditing, Quickbooks®, and payroll services, for individuals, businesses, and non-profits. Newman Associates serves clients in Davis and Yolo County.

Newman Associates, located in downtown Davis, CA has been providing local business services since 1988. For Davis, CA business clients, they provide taxation expertise related to tax planning and return preparation, accounting services, and payroll services for corporations, partnerships, LLCs and LLPs, and non-profits. For individuals, they provide tax preparation and filing services.

Recently, they have expanded their offerings and business focus to include services for biotech start-ups, cannabis dispensaries, professional service, and restaurants industries.

Website Features

The Newman Associates, CPA website design project is both an update project and a new WordPress website development.

The owner of the website liked the previous Newman Associates, CPA website but wanted to see what could be done to improve the overall visual appearance of the website and also make it easier for the client to make changes to the website. NA-CPA would handle day-to-day website changes while Abaton Consulting focused on management and maintenance of the accountant’s website. We took this opportunity to review the site and provide some recommendations to the website owner.

We found a number of issues that needed to be corrected; some with higher priority than others.

Color Scheme

Newman Associates uses a bold blue and electric green color scheme for all of their marketing collateral. These colors were not in use on the website. Instead, a brown and blue scheme was used as part of the design. The use of the brown/blue scheme created a visually heavy website content area that clashed with the background image of Lake Tahoe. Additionally, the brown color caused the primary navigation bar to lose its visual prominence making it difficult to notice.

To resolve the color scheme issue, we sampled the colors used in the Newman Associates marketing materials and match them on the website. Rather than going with a heavy blue background with white text, the website design uses white content areas brighten the overall site.

Grey body text (#666666) presents well on  the white background areas. White text (#ffffff) is used in in dark areas and as overlay text for sections with images as backgrounds.

The neon green and bold blue is used as highlight elements. The green text and logo work well in the lighter areas of the website design and is extremely eye catching in the darker areas of the website.

Newman Associates Website Design Color Sample

Neon green font and horizontal rules are “eye catching” on the Newman Associates, CPA website. Bold blue button works well on both light and dark backgrounds. Colors choices come from NA-CPA marketing materials.


A third color, a bold red (#ef3b24),  was chosen to accent the graphic elements in the website and used in specific locations to highlight special navigation elements and to draw attention to special information sections.

Special color elements used in website design

In this sample, the color red is used to match the graphic elements and to highlight key navigational elements.

Broken Links

We found a number of broken links – both internal and external. This is a typical problem found on websites that are not properly maintained. Broken links to external resources develop over time and need to be corrected. Broken links are detected with a variety of website tools, and then link are manually corrected to ensure that links and associated text are properly implemented.

Links were checked and repaired and included as part of the website redesign project.

Code Errors

We did find a coding error that caused links to some internal pages to not work properly.  The problem only manifested itself on certain pages. The problem was a result of improper coding of relative links.

Since this was essential a new website design project, all coding was double-checked for accuracy and all internal links operated properly.

Missing Information

The website was missing the contact information for Newman Associates. Having quick and easy access to contact information is critical for customers. It was a simple fix to add the name, address, phone number, and email addresses to all pages using the master template.

Having the correct name, address, and phone number (NAP) included on your website is an essential component of accurate on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you website is missing that information, search engines cannot match your site with existing directory listings and website rankings can suffer.

Improved Analytics and Search Management

To help with business management, we integrated Google Analytics. This will allow us to track visitors to the site and have data readily available to help make website and business decisions.

The website was also registered with Google’s Search Console. This allows Abaton Consulting to monitor the site for search issues and proactively address them.

Newman Associates Logo

The original logo for the business was a small jpg file. As part of the website design project, Abaton Consulting reworked the logo and created a new vector graphic using Adobe Illustrator. This logo graphic file could then be used to create digital copies that can be used for most any circumstance.

One image format that works well on websites is the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) format. SVG files can be very small and can be used for both small and large applications as the image is able to scale up or down and fit the desired space as needed without loss of quality.

Newman Associates Scalable Vector Graphic Logo

This SVG, for Newman Associates CPA, can be used throughout the website in various applications. The image is small (12KB) and can scale to most any size. It can work as a logo in the navigation bar or scale up to fit full screen.

Mobile Features

A responsive and mobile-first website design is important for businesses. Lightweight and fast websites improve the mobile experience and keep visitors engaged.

Besides optimizing for mobile, we added features that improve usability for mobile visitors. These features include buttons that only appear on mobile devices.

  • Click to call
  • Email
  • Google Maps Driving Directions
Navigation buttons on mobile view

Special design elements that are displayed for mobile visitors. A click to call button, and email button, and a link to Google Maps and driving directions.

Photography Services

In addition to the stock photography used on the website, Abaton Consulting provided photography services. Studio portraits were provided as part of the website design project. Images, along with staff names, job titles, and contact information, were included on the Newman Associates About Us page.

A nice addition to the website that adds that personal connection component.

Portrait services from Abaton Consulting

Custom portraits can add personality to your About Us page. Helps people connect with the local business.

Custom Menu Items

In addition to the tax preparation services provided by Newman Associates, they also provide a number of additional business services. These business services include:

  • Online Payroll Services
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Online Quickbooks Services

These services needed to be highlighted in some manner. An option was to add these external links to the navigation menu so they can be easily accessed from every page on the website without having to create special links or buttons on every page.

To differentiate these external navigation items from internal links, we applied a unique format the button set. Buttons are listed under the Client Login main navigation item. The links are formatted to look like buttons inside the navigation menu structure. The bold blue color is used for the background and the test is white. This causes the buttons to stand out as different from other menu items.

Specialized menu items for Newman Associates

These custom designed menu links highlight key services provided by Newman Associates. Links to Payroll Services, Bill Pay, and Quickbooks make the website a valuable resource for clients.


Multiple Contact Channels

In addition to providing basic contact information, such as business name, address, and phone number (NAP) included on your website. It is critical to provide multiple contact channels for your prospective clients.

The website provides two additional contact channels on their website.

First is a standard website contact form. This enables people to easily email Newman Associates without having to access an email client or cut and paste email address information from the website into the email client. Reduces barriers to communications.

Second, a chat plugin is used to allow people to chat directly with office staff. This is a nice feature if people are looking for immediate access to staff or information.

The chat access can be seen in the lower right-corner of the image below.

Newman Associates Contact Form

Contact forms add an additional channel for clients and potential clients to contact your business. It is always recommended to have multiple methods available for contacting a business. Website form, email address, phone number, chat all help toward improving communications.

Contact Newman Associates Davis CPA

Newman Associates in Downtown Davis can be reached at:

Newman Associates
424 F Street, Davis, CA 95616

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Stewart Savage is a website designer and photographer with over 25 years of experience. Learn more about Stewart Savage and Abaton Consulting.

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