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by Oct 10, 2019

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Marc Thompson – Mortgage Planner in Davis, CA

Marc Thompson is no longer with Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Company. Marc is now representing Summit Funding, Inc. NMLS ID# 3199 ( Licensed by CA Dept of Business Oversight #6072526, CA Bureau of Real Estate #01220358, AZ Lic# 0925837, GA Lic# 39456, Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee. An approved equal housing lender. is the website for Marc Thompson – Mortgage Planner. The website is a resource for people interested in pre-qualifying for a home loan, applying for a home loan, refinancing, second home purchases, and many other aspects of mortgages and mortgage planning. The resources section of provides a wealth of information for those who need to educate themselves on home loans.

Marc Thompson, Mortgage in Davis, is part of the Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation NMLS# 1141 (see notes below). The Mortgage In Davis branch office is located at 437 F Street, Davis, CA 95616 in downtown Davis. Marc can be reached at 530-753-8800 or emailed at NMLS #282260.

Website Features

The color scheme for the website is based upon the color elements in the Mortgage in Davis logo. The primary colors used are the blue and green. The third primary color introduced to the website is a rust brown that is pulled from elements in the hero photo on the homepage. The three colors in unison bring the sky, plants, and earth elements together in the website.

Additional colors were integrated to provide a more diverse color palette and add a splash of color to the website. The additional colors are used sparingly to accent the site.

A yellow-gold color was used for select call-to-action buttons on the website. The yellow-gold color helps draw the viewer’s eye to key call-to-action requests and helps separate the critical elements from other buttons on the homepage.

Website Video

Marc Thompson also understands the power of video as part of a comprehensive communications strategy. The website has many videos that provide information about home loans as well as videos that are more personal in nature and help build a connection between Marc and his (prospective) clients. The website uses video in multiple locations to help attract and retain website visitors and to support with conversion efforts. Videos are located on the homepage, the FIrst-time Homebuyers page, and the Videos page.

Mobile Focused/Responsive Website

The Mortgage In Davis website is a “responsive” design with a focus on the mobile customer. The design is developed to render well on desktop devices with images and elements for a visually appealing experience. Shaded backgrounds for special call-to-action elements help promote the elements above the background. Gradient backgrounds encourage the viewer to scroll down the page to discover additional page content. The use of CSS for animation brings an interactive element to the site. All the buttons and iconography are animated using CSS.

Special CSS coding is used for mobile device display. On the homepage, the “Email Me” and “Call Me” section is moved to the top of the page. Doing so brings essential contact elements to the top for easy visitor access.

Contact Mortgage In Davis

Contact Marc Thompson and the Mortgage in Davis Team
437 F Street, Davis, CA 95616
NMLS #282260.

Update (5/31/2019) – Marc Thompson is now a part of Summit Funding.

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