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by May 22, 2017

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Empower Yolo – Promoting Safe, Healthy, and Resilient Communities

EmpowerYolo.org is the website for the Empower Yolo’s essential community support services and programs.  Empower Yolo provides

  • community outreach and educational programs about available resources to promote health, stability, and self-sufficiency for individuals and families,
  • twenty-four hour crisis intervention, emergency shelter, confidential counseling, training, legal assistance, and other services for individuals and families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, and child abuse, and
  • resource centers for community services to improve the health, social, educational and economic outcomes of Yolo County residents.

Core services provided by Empower Yolo include:

  • Crisis Support
  • Safe Shelter and Housing
  • Legal Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Teen Education and Children Services
  • Outreach and Family Support

The goal of Empower Yolo’s website design was to create an online resource that serves the needs of a fragile clientele and also supports the fundraising activities of the organization.  The site is organized so that critical services are primary on the site and fundraising information immediately follows.

Website Features

The Empower Yolo website leads with a slider. The slider background shows the Empower Yolo Dowling Center in Woodland. The Dowling Center is a former Woodland school. The three slides use text to communicate the three main functions of Empower Yolo.

An event calendar is displayed on the homepage. The calendar list view displays information about upcoming events and ongoing services offered by Empower Yolo. There is also a link to a full page calendar that lists events for the entire calendar month.

Empower Yolo provides services to a diverse community. The community includes many people who’s primary language is not English. To provide a more inclusive website, a translation feature is included in the programming. The site can be translated into a number of languages at the click of a button. Available languages include Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, and Vietnamese. Additional languages can be added upon request.

Empower Yolo relies on the generosity of sponsors to accomplish their mission. To properly showcase the sponsors, we programmed a sponsor image carousel. The carousel rotates through the sponsor logos providing an equal opportunity for all sponsors to be properly recognized.

Because many of the people who visit the Empower Yolo website are in situations where browsing activities may be observed, we programmed a special feature to help protect website visitors. The site includes a floating “eject” button. This button, when pressed, takes the user away from the Empower Yolo website. This helps visitors who are seeking help to reduce the chances that they are observed visiting Empower Yolo. For desktop visitors, the button floats on the side of the page making it quickly and easily accessible. For mobile users, the button is located in the lower right corner of the mobile screen.

Mobile Features

The Empower Yolo website is optimized for the mobile experience. Large button and a well-organized interface allows people in crisis situations to connect with essential support services. Click-to-call features connects people to the 24/7 crisis support line.

Contact Empower Yolo

Empower Yolo
175 Walnut Street
Woodland, CA

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