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by Nov 27, 2021

Doll Passionista Hero Section
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Updated: November 27, 2021

Collecting can easily become a passion. That is certainly evident when visiting the website. Here you will see a wide selection of dolls that have been collected over the years, now available for sale.
This was an exciting website design project for Abaton Consulting. Not only was I able to build a custom WordPress website that showcased the dolls available for sale, I had the opportunity learn about doll collecting and the passion that surrounds such a hobby.

This collection of dolls available on this website is amazing. The dolls are divided in to 5 basic types. Product categories are used to identify the types of dolls:

  • Art Dolls
  • Ball-jointed Dolls
  • Blythe Dolls
  • Fashion Dolls
  • Manufactured Dolls

There is also an Accessories category.
WordPress Tags are also used to further identify the various dolls. Tags that have been used so far are:

  • ankie daanen
  • OOAK (one of a kind)
  • dale zenter
  • limited edition
  • ira dieneko
  • nancy latham
  • annette himstedt
  • kim lasher
  • dollstown
  • maureen carroll
  • exclusively yours
  • NRFB (never removed from box)
  • jan mclean

Website to showcase the collectable dolls

Images are used to prominently showcase the dolls available for sale on the website. The hero section consists of three images. The first image on the left is a display case scene featuring multiple dolls from the DollPassionista collection. The center images and the right image are custom-made dolls.

WooCommerce Integration

The DollPassionista website uses WooCommerce to manage the doll collection. Image buttons on the homepage are used to access the various doll categories.

Doll Passionista WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce is used to manage the doll collection on the website. Dolls are segmented into 6 categories.

Each doll is featured in the WooCommerce store with a featured image, an image gallery, price, and full description of the doll.

Doll Passionista WooCommerce Product Item

Product detail from the WooCommerce store utilizes a featured image, an image gallery, and a comprehensive image description. Website visitors can determine if the doll is a good fit and then contact the website owner for purchase options.

WooCommerce is not used for online purchases. Purchases are completed outside of the WooCommerce store.

Facebook Chatbot Integration

A Facebook chatbot is installed and uses the Facebook Messenger feature to allow website visitors to communicate with the website owner.

Doll Passionista Facebook/Meta Chatbot

Facebook chatbot is installed to communicate with the website owner.


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