DHS Swimming 2021

by Jun 22, 2021

Congratulations to the 2021 Davis Senior High School Swim Team for a fantastic season.

This was an exciting project that allowed me to combine photography and video services into a complete video project.


Although it was an abbreviated season and many restrictions were in place due to COVID-19, I was able to capture a number of photos that highlighted the excitement, fun, and friendships of a fantastic swim season.

Fortunately, many of the swimming venues allowed some visitors. This afforded me the opportunity to access the swim deck and capture still images of the swimmers as they prepared for racing, during competition, and while they were having fun between races.

Photography Locations

Photographs were captured at various pools in the Davis and Sacramento area. The majority of the DHS Swim competitions were HOME meets.

Photography Conditions

Photography conditions were a bit of a challenge. Many of the days were bright and sunny; afternoon to late-afternoon with minimal cloud cover. This created high-contrast situation; blown-out highlights and deep shadows.

All of the images required editing to recover some of the highlights and to open up the shadow areas.

Graphic Design Work

The DHS Blue Devil logo was provided by the DHS Swim team.

To use the logo, I needed to break the logo down into components:

  • Blue Devil
  • Dark background
  • Grey ring
  • Text

Video Development

The video was created in HD format (1920×1080) using Adobe Premiere Pro and images process via Adobe Lightroom.

The first step of the video development process was to add the soundtrack and place markers for the video transitions.

With the logo separated into components, I was able to animate the logo using the Graphics Panel within Premiere Pro.

Once the intro was created and placed, I was able to add the images and set the transitions.

The credits were added.

Finally, each segment was adjusted to match tone and contrast.

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Best Photographer in Yolo County

Best Photographer in Yolo County

What does it feel like to be chosen as the Best Photographer in Yolo County? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! It is truly an honor to be recognized for the many years of hard work dedicated to the craft of photography. It is a skill that definitely takes a number of years to develop.

UC Davis Picnic Day [April 2022]

UC Davis Picnic Day [April 2022]

UC Davis Picnic Day returns April 23, 2022. The theme for this year’s campus-wide open house and parade is “Rediscovering Tomorrow.”

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