David Kalb Street Photography

by May 2, 2020

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Last Updated: May 2, 2020

David Kalb Photography – Street Photography

The davidkalbphotography.com website is home to wonderful photographs taken by David Kalb, street photographer. David has traveled to many places in the United States, Europe, and Cuba capturing rich and evocative street photography images. You can see his image gallery here.

In addition to sharing his images online, David Kalb has also participated in a number of exhibits throughout California. Some locations of note are the Viewpoint Gallery in Sacramento, CA, the International House in Davis, CA, and the Morro Bay Art Association exhibit in Morro Bay, CA.

Website Features

The David Kalb Photography website design project is a new WordPress website development designed to showcase photographic work. As a photographer, David has a keen eye for layout and composition and I worked with him to bring his vision to life.

Color Scheme

With photography websites, it is always desirable to have a palette of neutral colors. For many sites you will see images on black, white, or shades of grey. For the davidkalbphotography.com website, we used a neutral medium-grey for the background and pure white for the font color. David focuses on color photography, so the grey background color doesn’t compete with the color photographs. Using a black background would weigh the site down and white would be a bit too airy.

Homepage Hero Image

David Kalb’s photography is used throughout the site. The hero image (as seen at the top of this page) is from his travels to Cuba.

Photography Blog

David enjoys photography and he loves to share his work. To assist in sharing his work, he wanted a blog included as part of the project. His blog includes his photography and notes about the image.

David adds new images on a regular basis, unless he is busy travelling…

David Kalb Photography Blog Module

The blog module, part of the Divi theme, is used to showcase David Kalb’s most recent blog posts.

Image Gallery

In addition to the aforementioned blog, the website includes an image gallery where images are grouped together by project/subject matter. You can see his images from Cuba, Europe, and from coast to coast in the United States. You will even find images from the museums he enjoys visiting.

David Kalb Photography Image Galleries

David Kalb Photography uses image galleries to showcase his street photography.

David Kalb Street Photography Blog Feed

The traditional WordPress blog feed is used to provide access to archived blob posts.

Mobile Features

A responsive and mobile-first website design is important for visitors who access the site via mobile devices.. Lightweight and fast websites improve the mobile experience and keep visitors engaged.

Contact Us Page

If you are interested in purchasing his photography, image pricing is found on his website and you can use the website contact form to reach him.

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Stewart Savage is a website designer and photographer with over 25 years of experience. Learn more about Stewart Savage and Abaton Consulting.

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