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by Apr 17, 2020

Castellucci and Associates, CPA in Davis, CA Website Homepage Hero Section
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Last Updated: April 17, 2020

Castellucci & Associates CPA – Supporting Income Tax and Accounting Needs

The website provides online information for Castellucci & Associates, CPA firm. Located in Davis, CA Castellucci & Associates, CPA, tax preparation, tax planning, estate and succession planning, bookkeeping an payroll, accounting, small business consulting, and profitability analysis.

Both Mark Castellucci and Becky Roseman have been providing CPA services for 30+ years with the majority of that time in the Davis, CA area.

Website Features

The Castellucci & Associates, CPA website design project is both an update project and a new WordPress website development.

The previous website was a simple html-based website consisting of a few pages with graphics, images, and text. Part of the project was to update the website; giving is a more contemporary look and using a platform that was easily updated. We decided to go with the WordPress platform for its flexibility and ease of use. Additionally, the website owner was interested in starting a blog.

Color Scheme

The updated Castellucci and Associates, CPA website uses a medium blue, white, and grey color scheme. The choice of colors were selected based upon the colors included in a pre-existing logo. The color selection provided enough color variety to create a pleasant and welcoming website design. Grey gradients were used to as background, which provided some eye-catching elements.

Castellucci and Associates, CPA Homepage Hero Section

A scalable vector graphic (SVG) image is used in the Hero section to improve website performance.

Here is a sample of the gradient background

Castellucci and Associates, CPA Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) is a global element that is used throughout the website to help guide visitors to the contact page.

Homepage Hero Image

The hero image is a stock photograph purchased from ShutterStock. I placed a semi-transparent white overlay above the background image and below the logo to both soften the image and to provide tonal separation between the image, the logo, and the text associated with the logo.

The logo in the hero section is a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) with a transparent background.

this sample, the color red is used to match the graphic elements and to highlight key navigational elements.

Castellucci & Associates, CPA Logo

The original logo was provided to me as an .EPS file; Easily converted to .AI format.  While working with the logo, I noticed that there were some design issues. Edges of the graphic elements in the logo were not lined-up properly. It was not noticeable when the logo was exported as a JPG and the logo rested on a white background. When the logo was exported as a PNG, and enlarged, the errors were visible.

Castellucci and Associates, CPA logo

Updated logo for Castellucci & Associates in PNG format.

As a result, Abaton Consulting reworked the logo and created a new vector graphic using Adobe Illustrator. Elements were recreated and aligned so that when exported and enlarged, the logo looked clean and crisp. The text portion of the logo was not altered.

One image format that works well on websites is the Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) format. SVG files can be very small and can be used for both small and large applications as the image is able to scale up or down and fit the desired space as needed without loss of quality.

This SVG can be used throughout the website in various applications. The image is small (17KB) and can scale to most any size. It can work as a logo in the navigation bar or scale up to fit full screen improving performance of the website.

Mobile Features

A responsive and mobile-first website design is important for businesses. Lightweight and fast websites improve the mobile experience and keep visitors engaged.

Besides optimizing for mobile, we added features that improve usability for mobile visitors. These features include buttons that only appear on mobile devices.

  • Click to call
  • Email

Custom Menu Items

A standard navigation menu is at the top of each web page enabling both mobile and desktop visitors to easily navigate the site. There are less than ten pages on this website so the navigation requirements are simple.

We recently updated the website to include a COVID-19 resource page. A link to the page was added to the website. Special styling was used to differentiate the COVID-19 information link from other resources on the website.

Castellucci and Associates, CPA Navigation Bar

Updated navigation bar with original links and updated COVID-19 navigation button.

Additional navigational elements to help guide visitors to key elements were included in the body of the homepage.

Castellucci and Associates, CPA Integrated Navigation

Navigation section on the homepage helps visitors find key information.

COVID-19 Information

The COVID-19 pandemic landed right on the tax preparation season. To help inform clients of changes resulting from “sheltering in place,” new information was added to the website. Below is a sample of an overlay that appears for new visitors.

Castellucci and Associates, CPA COVID-19 Informational Overlay

Website overlay appears and provides additional operational information during the COVID-19 “shelter in place.”


Contact Us Page

On the Contact Us page for Castellucci and Associates, CPA, multiple channels for communication are available. People interested in contacting them can do so by telephone, email, website contact form, or by visiting their office.

Castellucci and Associates, CPA Contact Us Page

Contact information, online contact form, and embedded Google map help customers contact and find Castellucci & Associates, CPA in Davis, CA.

Contact Castellucci & Associates, CPA

Castellucci & Associates, CPA
750 F Street, Ste B5
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 758-1040

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