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by Dec 20, 2015

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California Communications Association

CalCom ( is membership-based organization for independent communications network operators, who provide voice and broadband services in rural areas of California, and “Associate Members” who represent a wide range of suppliers who provide expertise, equipment, and support services for the growth and development of our rapidly evolving telecommunications industry. CalCom has provided these services to their members for over 95 years.

CalCom fosters learning and industry excellence by working with service providers, manufacturers, and vendors to accelerate broadband deployment and adoption with the goal of empowering every person in California with affordable broadband.

Website Features

The California Communications Association website uses a slider at the top of the homepage to set the feel of the website. The slider shows images from the various parts of California where association members provide telephone and communication services. The slider is also used to make announcements for special events and select information for members.

The homepage also includes an advertising component. Members and associate members can purchase advertising space on the homepage. Revenue for advertising offsets website development and maintenance costs.

A blog module is included on the homepage for sharing key information with website visitors.

Website Maintenance

CalCom understands the importance of maintaining their website. Websites are a significant investment. As such, business owners need to protect their investment. Selecting an appropriate maintenance plan is essential to ensure that the website is operational and ready for the next customer visit.

Contact the California Communications Association

California Communications Association
3626 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95864


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