Almondwood Self Storage [Website Update 2020]

by Apr 8, 2020

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Updated: April 8, 2020

Originally published: Dec 20, 2015

Almondwood Self Storage [Updated for 2020]

Almondwood Self Storage ( is a self storage rental facility located on Alvarado Drive near the Marketplace shopping center in North Davis. It is part of the Almondwood Apartments and offers services to renters of the apartment complex and the general public for both business and personal use.

The focus of the business is to provide quality storage rental services at a competitive price point. Almondwood Self Storage offers two sizes of storage facilities: 6′ x 8′ and 8′ x 10′. Rental services are provided on a month-to-month basis making it convenient for short-term and long-term renters. Perfect for UC Davis students living in Davis, CA.

The website is also extremely convenient for business operating in the area that need access to close, affordable, drive-up storage.

Almondwood Self Storage Website Design Elements

A section of the Almondwood Self Storage website which provides information for personal and business storage

Abaton Consulting recently updated this website to improve the design layout and to improve navigation.

Read on to learn what was updated.

Website Features

Almondwood Self Storage is a business card website. The site consists of the homepage, contact page, and privacy policy page. Information about the storage rentals is provided all on the homepage. Location information and a map helps customers locate the facility. The Contact Us page provides a web-based contact form along with standard contact information.

Since this is essentially a single-page website, we needed a navigation system that can direct visitors to the section on the homepage that contained relevant information. For this, fragmented identifiers were the perfect website design solution.

For this to occur, we first needed to rework the homepage. Since the page was originally created as a single page, we needed to break it into sections and add fragment identifiers to the various sections. Fragment identifiers appear as ID tags on the page.

For example: id=”convenient-location”

These identifiers can then be added to url strings.

For example

When website visitors access the link. The requested page is loaded and the page automatically scrolls down to the specified fragment identifier.

With Almondwood Self Storage, the fragment identifiers were added to the navigation menu at the top which created links to content, which can help search engine optimization (SEO) and creates a more interesting website to explore.

Almondwood Self Storage Website Navigation

Almondwood Self Storage uses a singe page information layout that is perfect for fragment identifier navigation.

Updated Hero Image

Actually, it is more like we added a hero image. Originally, only business information and the tagline were located at the top of the page. This did not resonate well with website visitors and made the site ordinary.

To improve the look of the website we included a hero image that was both eye-catching and reinforced the concept as presented by the tagline –  “Simplify Your Life with Almondwood Self Storage.”

Almondwood Self Storage Hero Image

Screen capture of the Almondwood Self Storage facility in Davis, CA

The image, which only includes minimal elements, emphasizes that a spartan living environment can be extremely relaxing and comfortable.

Location Information

A Google Map was included on the website. The map helps people initially find the location of the Davis, CA storage facility. 

What makes Almondwood Self Storage unique is that it is conveniently located. It is mixed in a neighborhood that has homes, apartments, shopping center, and businesses. 

Another amenity is the “drive-up” feature for all the storage units. Use the website map to find the location and drive right up to your storage unit. Makes loading and unloading easy.

Almondwood Self Storage Website Map

An integrated Google Map is used to help people understand where the Almondwood Self Storage facility is located and how easy it is to access from many parts of Davis, CA

Contact Almondwood Self Storage

Almondwood Self Storage is located in North Davis and is part of the Almondwood Apartments. 

Here is their contact information.

Almondwood Self Storage
1212 Alvarado Ave.
Davis, CA 95616

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