Social Media Roadblocks

I recently read an article in Retail Minded magazine titled The Road to Simplified Social Media Marketing by Ron Cates. The article briefly discusses the significance of social media as a tool to drive your business. He then goes on to list five (5) common roadblocks to social media marketing along with solutions for overcoming those roadblocks. The roadblocks are

  1. I don’t have enough time.
  2. I’m not a writer.
  3. There are too many trends in social media.
  4. Social media marketing looks interesting, but I will never have a million customers.
  5. This is all so new, different, and scary! I’ll just market the same way I always have.

All of the above are certainly roadblocks to having a successful social media marketing plan.

However, Cates’ solution for roadblock number one struck me off-chord. He states that, “It only takes about eight seconds to write a sentence.” While this may be true, it takes much longer to formulate the “right” sentence; a sentence that will engage your audience and carry you business forward.

To emphasize this point, just think of the damage that could be caused by an inappropriate tweet or a Facebook status update that unknowingly offends your fan base or misrepresents your business. You can not only lose followers or lose Likes, you can also lose the trust of your customers.

Don’t Be Afraid of Social Media

Now don’t be afraid of social media and abandon it for more traditional methods of attracting customers to your business. Social media is an essential essential component of your on-line marketing program. It helps you build and relationships that extend beyond the walls of your business.

Be thoughtful when creating your social medial post and updates. Think about what you wish to accomplish when you create a Tweet in 142 characters or less. Will your Facebook post be more effective as straight text, should I include a photo, or a link to my website? Will that YouTube video be funny or will it offend my customers?

It may only take eight second to to type a sentence, but is eight second really enough time to spens when communicating and building trust with your customers?

Be sure you are making time for social media when using these tools to engage your customers.

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