Make a graceful online exit from your job –

I am sure you have heard of the Jet Blue flight attendant who resigned in the most dramatic fashion.  Or you have seen the latest Internet meme and hoax where “Jenny” resigns via a whiteboard and thirty photos. And i am equally sure that you have fantasized about departing from a horrible job with the ultimate send off.  Both of these examples of “the ultimate” separation from a business may seem appealing.  Make sure you step back and take a good hard look at how it will affect your future.

Burning bridges does nothing for your career and future employability.    A multi-year gap in your resume due to a theatrical exit from your previous employer is quite noticeable.  You will be lucky if your resume makes it past the first screening.  If you make it to an interview, will you be able to explain the gap?  When a potential employer calls for references, what they hear?

At Abaton Consulting, we recommend that you depart on a high note.  A courteous resignation letter along with thank yous to everyone leaves a lasting impression of professionalism.  This final image of you may be the only thing that some people know of you.  If you were working for a large company, reference calls typically head the the HR department.  These are the people that hold your fate in their hands.  Your behavior during the exiting process will likely be the only impression these people have of you.  They will be the ones answering the question that hold your future in the balance, “Would you rehire (insert your name here)?”  How this question is answered depends entirely upon you.

It does not matter how you feel or how cathartic it will be to thumb your nose at your former employer.  What is important is that you look towards the future.  Think about you behavior and how it will affect your ability to provide for yourself or your family.  If you do that, you have a better chance of making the right decision.

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