At the August 05, 2010 meeting of Lunchtime Leaders. Carolyn Schrader of Energy Change Solutions provided a great presentation titled “8 easy steps that will help you save money and be energy wise.”   Carolyn’s presentation walked us through how we can save energy and money.  Below is a summary of her presentation.  Visit to find out more on reducing your energy footprint and building a sustainable energy model.

Thank You Carolyn for a fantastic presentation.

8 easy steps that will help you save money and be energy wise
1. Improve efficiency
• Use less:
1. Lighting
2. Heating & air conditioning
3. Hot water
4. Computer & plug in power
2. Plan projects
• Schedule the large dollar projects so you can leverage financing options, other initiatives, changes in the business environment
1. Solar rebates on a declining scale – don’t procrastinate
2. Interest rates are low
3. Need to reroof – do cool roof then install solar as one project
4. Watch the competition and be ready to act first
3. Be knowledgeable
• Facts let you negotiate better, ask more probative questions
4. Learn about alternatives
• Biofuel vs. solar vs. grid electricity
• Demand use and time of use pricing
5. Use tax credits
• Make sure your tax advisor is sharing information about energy efficiency tax credits
1. Solar applies to commercial buildings
2. Lighting, HVAC, building envelope incentives
• Work with your tax advisor to plan projects for best tax benefits
6. Use PGE rebates
7. Participate in California programs
• Cash for Appliances PLUS
• Go Solar California
– Managed through PGE & other utilities
• California’s Emerging Renewables Rebate Program
– Wind & fuel cell systems
8. Participate in local programs
• Cool Davis Initiative
Projects cost justified with 1 year:
– Window film
– Exit signs
– Lighting
– HVAC economizers
– Occupancy sensors


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