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October 14, 2010
State of the Economy to be Focus of Lunchtime Leaders

David Cougevan of Edward Jones will be presenting at the October 21, 2010 meeting of Lunchtime Leaders.  Mr. Cougevan’s presentation, The Good, the Bad and the Opportunity, addresses investor concerns surrounding the economy, including the recession, jobs, interest rates, inflation, the deficit and taxes.  It will also show how the current economic climate presents some attractive opportunities for investors.

“This lunchtime seminar is a fantastic opportunity for business owners,” said Stewart Savage, owner of Abaton Consulting.  “Understanding current market conditions and where the economy may go certainly helps the individual investor,” he continued.  “As business owners, we can use the same economic indicators to better prepare our businesses for future growth.”

Lunchtime Leaders is held from 12 pm to 1 pm on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Abaton Consulting Presentation Center, 221 G Street, Suite 202, Davis, CA. Space is limited for these free presentations.  Email Stewart Savage at to participate.

Lunchtime Leaders is a complimentary leadership development program designed for the business leader that is dedicated to personal development and business achievement. The goal of Lunchtime Leaders is to build a business community that openly seeks and shares knowledge in an effort to enhance business opportunities. The sessions will give you an overview of various business topics bettering your ability to make critical business decisions.

Lunchtime Leaders gives business leaders the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who are focused on achieving business excellence and have a desire to build strong professional relationships while gaining insight into a variety of contemporary topics (technology, finance, business services, etc.). The information provided in these complimentary sessions can be used to lead your organization and build a robust and agile business environment while ultimately giving your business a financial advantage in this competitive marketplace.

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