iPhone makes great snitch for savvy cops | freep.com | Detroit Free Press.

This article by Amber Hunt of the Detroit Free Press brings up a great point about the iPhone and Internet privacy.  Many people believe they can hide behind the perceived anonymity of the Internet and electronic devices. This is definitely not the case.  Everything you do on computers, smart devices, cell phones, etc. can be tracked.  Where you go, what you say, what you read, who you call, and a wealth of other information about you is logged, tracked, stored, and cataloged making you easily traced.  The end result is that you and your activities can be monitored.

At Abaton Consulting, we constantly reiterate both caution and respect when using technology.  When your life is integrated with technology, your life becomes public.  Always assume what you say and do will become public one day.  Do not be surprised when something you say or something you do  shows up somewhere on the Internet.  Manage your behaviors in such a manner that prevent you from being cast in poor light.  (e.g.:  Mel Gibson).

Sound Advice

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