Davis Downtown Treat Trail [UPDATED 2022]

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Last updated: October 26, 2022

A community announcement from Abaton Consulting.

Davis Downtown is making plans for the 2022 Davis Downtown Treat Trail.

That is right!

Spooky costumes, decorated strollers, and special treats from local downtown businesses will be making it bigger and better than before.

This ghostly event is still in the making and we are hoping that this year’s line-up will have a couple of new items that will make this Davis event truly SPOOKTACULAR!

Sounds Like Outdoor Trick or Treating is OK

With the COVID pandemic declared over, outdoor trick-or-treating should be OK. This means that children, families, and friends can enjoy a fun and safe Halloween experience.

However, it may be a good idea to take a few precautions. You certainly don’t want to get sick.

Here are some of the safety tips that can increase safety.

  • Gather outdoors and in small groups.
  • Wear protective and well-fitting masks.
  • Keep close interactions short.
  • If you feel sick, stay home.

Now to the details for the Downtown Treat Trail…

Davis Downtown Treat Trail Date and Time

Davis Downtown’s annual Treat Trail is right around the corner. Head to downtown Davis on October 31, 2022, between 2:30pm and 5:30pm, for lots of spooky tricks and plenty of delicious treats.

Last year, over 30 downtown business provided mouth-watering treats to the little ghouls and goblins who are enjoyed downtown festivities.

This year, we will see how many businesses participate. It should be GREAT!

This long-running tradition is a favorite of parents and children alike. People from far and wide head to downtown Davis to join in the fun. Woodland, Dixon, and Sacramento fans all participate in this uniquely Davis event.

Davis Downtown Treat Trail Video

Want to see for yourself? Here is a Treat Trail video that highlights what happens in the downtown on Halloween.

The Davis Downtown Treat Trail is perfect for the little ones. No need to canvas the neighborhood late at night in search of tricks and treats.

The Treat Trail takes place in the afternoon so you can have some fun, grab dinner at a downtown restaurant, and then head home to get the small children to bed.

Plus, you get to stay home and hand out candy.

What could be more fun?

During the Treat Trail, downtown businesses open their doors and welcome their spooky guest. Not only will you find some treats, businesses will sometimes provide special giveaways, coupons, or other goodies. It is a great reason to come out and support your local businesses.


Participating Businesses

Want to know which businesses are participating? Well, Halloween is only six (6) days away and the listing of Treat Trail businesses is now available. Keep on scrolling so you can see which downtown business are the best stops for tricks and treat on October 31. 

The information about participating downtown businesses can also be found on the Davis Downtown Facebook page. Nothing on their website just yet.

You will notice that Abaton Consulting, a downtown Davis business, is not listed. That is because I will be out and about taking photographs and video. If you see me, be sure to say, “Hi!”


  1. Bankers Lending Group
  2. Urban Body Piercing
  3. Allstate
  4. Armadillo Music
  5. Sharetea
  6. Sweet & Shavery
  7. Yoloberry Yogurt
  8. Lu’ro Jewelers
  9. Davis ACE Hardware
  10. Boheme Clothing
  11. Helmus Optometry
  12. The Avid Reader
  13. Avid & Co Toy Emporium
  14. Parcel Dispatch, PDQ
  15. The Artery
  16. Coral Bay Family Dentistry
  17. Davis Food Co-op
  18. Re/Max Gold
  19. Davis Glass & Screen
  20. Mishka’s Café
  1. Varsity Theatre
  2. Pinkadot Boutique
  3. Tommy J’s Grill
  4. Burger Patch
  5. Lyon Real Estate
  6. Panera Bread
  7. Baskin-Robbins
  8. Woodstock’s Pizza
  9. Davis Commons
  10. Princess Pals (E St. Plaza)
  11. College Town Realty
  12. E Street Salon
  13. Zia’s Delicatessen
  14. Davis Creamery
  15. Three Ladies Café
  16. Vibras Crystal & Jewelry Shop
  17. The Growing Groves Plant Shop
  18. Temple Coffee
  19. Good Friends Hawaiian
  20. First Northern Bank
  1. Pure Barre
  2. Bubble Belly
  3. Yolo County SPCA Thrift Store
  4. Generations Family Footwear
  5. Sanctuary Salon
  6. Coldwell Banker Select
  7. Logos Books
  8. Fit House
  9. Kumon of Davis
  10. Starbucks Coffee
  11. Clackeys
  12. Banner Bank
  13. Let Them Eat Cake
  14. Buttons ‘n Bears Oh My!
  15. UC Davis Store
  16. Dowling Properties
  17. State Farm – Heather Copeland

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Enjoy the Show

The best thing about Davis Downtown’s Treat Trail are the costumes. Many of our visitors pull out all the stops and create elaborate Halloween costumes.

You want a Halloween show? Grab a chair and hang out at E Street Plaza. You will be treated (literally) to some amazing Halloween costumes. Be sure to social distance while enjoying the fun.

One of the big treats at the Treat Trail is the appearance of the Ghostbusters and the Ectomobile. These guys are awesome. Elaborate costumes. Amazing props. Plus, the ECTOMOBILE! Wow! We are hoping they show up again

Davis Downtown Treat Trail 20181031-071

The “Ghostbusters” suit-up for catching ghouls and goblins in downtown Davis

People are so creative.

This event happens RAIN OR SHINE. Be sure to keep an eye on weather reports and pack an umbrella.

Is there more? Absolutely.

Here are some images from previous Treat Trails

Past Treat Trail Info

During Treat Trails of Halloween past, there has been plenty of other things to see and do. Much of the entertainment has been centered in and around E Street Plaza. We will see what happens this year. Very excited!

Past events at E Street Plaza have included:

  • Dia de los Muretos
  • Mariachi Music
  • Aztec Dancers
  • Storyteller performances
  • UC Davis Princess Pals Photo Op
  • Live music
  • Craft tables
  • Instagram photo contest
  • Artist caricatures

Zombie Mash

For 2022, things will be a little different. The Zombie Mash (up) is not on Halloween. This year, the after party is part of the Zombie Bike Ride in Davis, CA which is on Sunday, Oct 30.

So, if you want to party with zombies, you will need to head downtown on Oct 30 (the day before the Davis Downtown Treat Trail).

I know, it is a bit confusing, This is why you need to need to make sure that your head is completely attached and go to the Zombie Mash (up) after-party at E Street Plaza from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm on Sunday, Oct 30.

The Zombie Bike Ride

The Zombie Bike Ride, or the Zombie Bike Parade as some like to call it, will be held the day before Halloween.

On Sunday, October 30, from 12:00 – 3:00 pm, the Davis Bike Loop will be alive (well maybe not so alive) with Zombies!

Put on your best zombie, zombie hunter, or zombie victim costume, grab your bike and head to the Davis Bike Loop where you will encounter more zombies than you thought lived in Davis.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Independent Order of Odd Fellows – Davis Lodge #169. Supporting organizations in Davis and throughout Yolo County.

Brought to you by the Davis Odd Fellows, The Davis Bike Campaign, and Norcal Trykers, the Zombie Bike Parade is approximately 12 miles of Halloween excitement.

At various locations on the route, you will get to enjoy a variety of activities that are special to this event.

Here is a list of activities taking place along the Zombie Bike Ride route. You can even download a map.

Watch out for falling, errr, SKYDIVING ZOMBIES!

The Zombie Bike Parade will wrap-up with zombies skydiving into Community Park in Davis, CA at 3pm, This grand finale is made possible by Skydance Skydiving in Davis.

Here is the link to get all the info for the skydiving zombies.


More Information

The full entertainment lineup for the 2022 Treat Trail is not out yet. We will see what spooky fun materializes and provide and update when the information becomes available.

Information about the Davis Downtown Treat Trail, Zombie Mash, and Zombie Bike Parade consolidated and brought to you by Abaton Consulting – your downtown Davis website designer.

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Davis Downtown Gift Card

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Stewart Savage Portrait

Stewart Savage is a website designer and photographer with over 25 years of experience. Learn more about Stewart Savage and Abaton Consulting.

Photography services from Stewart Savage Photography

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