As you can see from the  Marketing Pilgrim article below, it is critical that you have the right people in place when working with social media. Staff members who are inexperienced, lack business and marketing expertise, or don’t understand the effects of unprofessional posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter can and will jeopardize you business.

Make sure you invest in the right people. The new kid on the block may not be the right person to handle high profile client accounts.  Someone who is more seasoned at social media and who has an understanding of your business would be a better choice.  Take some tome to bring new people up to speed and help them become part of the business culture before turning them loose on Twitter or Facebook.

Set social media policies and make sure every is aware of the policies and understands them perfectly.  Having your team understand the rules of engagement will increase you chances of success with social media and keep your customers happy.

Security is critical in any technology environment.  Don’t give away the keys to the kingdom.  Set and control passwords on a project or resource basis.  Make people responsible and accountable for maintaining resource security.  The last thing you want is a compromised social media account.  The damage it can do to your personal and business brand is enormous.

Posted by Stewart Savage, Abaton Consulting

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