Microsoft needs to make some serious changes to their Local Listing verification process.

After waiting for a month to receive my verification letter and verifying my listing with my new PIN, I now need to wait for another verification letter.  I now have to wait for another verification letter simply because I corrected an error in my phone number and changed my business service tags.

Bing’s process seems a little ridiculous to me.  I can certainly understand the need to verify business information and make sure that bogus listings do not make it into Bing’s database.  A letter via regular post is a great way to accomplish this.  However, waiting 30 days for a confirmation letter to verify simple changes to an already confirmed account stinks of administrative waste.  There must be a better way for Microsoft to handle simple updates.

Google has the process streamlined.  Major changes are confirmed via an automated phone call immediately after requesting changes to critical information.  Listing administrators can update listings in near real-time.  If the call verification process fails, Google will send you a verification PIN via regular mail.  These verification letters arrive in 3 to 5 days; much faster than Bing’s 30 day window.  Minor changes to your Local Listing on Google do not need to be verified.

You can certainly tell the difference between innovators and imitators.

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