Best Photographer in Yolo County

by | May 6, 2022 | Photography, Website Design

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Davis Enterprise Readers' Choice The Best of Yolo County 2022


Yolo County’s

Best Photographer

Readers’ Choice Award

Best Photographer

What does it feel like to be chosen as the Best Photographer in Yolo County? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

It is truly an honor to be recognized for the many years of hard work dedicated to the craft of photography. It is a skill that definitely takes a number of years to develop.

I was fortunate to get an early start with photography. My father was a photographer in Santa Barbara, CA. That means that I had a camera in my hand before I started attending elementary school.

Apple Watch

Product photography provides plenty of opportunity for creativity. This Apple watch is suspended in mid-air which makes for an exciting image.

Back in the day, it was film photography. I learned to capture images, process film, and make the final prints. As photography evolved, I was able to grow along with it and expand my skill set. Started with black and white photography, learned color photography, and then made the transition into digital photography. Now my tool kit consists of a digital camera and Photoshop.

I took every opportunity to learn the craft of photography. Spent many days wandering around town searching for that perfect photograph. Learned studio photography lighting while working in my Dad’s studio, used photography to help complete high school assignments, and had a three-year tour on my high school’s yearbook staff. Continued taking photographs as an amateur for many, many years.

I also spent plenty of time on the other side of the camera; the side with the lense. Being the son of a photographer, I was frequently recruited as a model so my father could test a new camera, or new studio strobes, or new film type. Needless to say, from all of the repetition and practice, I can actually be a good model when asked.

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Custom Product Portrait Photography

Enhance your website or personal portfolio with custom photography from Stewart Savage Photography

​Support Of Website Design Services

I have had a number of jobs in my life. None of those jobs were related to photography. It wasn’t until I created my website design business in Davis, Ca that I felt that my photography skills would come in handy.

When I started my website design business, many of my clients would want to use their own photography on their websites, or they would want to purchase and use stock photography.

Using client provided photography can be a good option. However, quality and consistency can be an issue at times.

And stock photography can often look like…well…stock photography. Popular images from a stock photography library will likely be found on multiple websites.

What I found is that being able to provide photography services allowed my clients to obtain high quality, compelling images that accurately showcase their goods and services.

Do you make and sell custom luggage? If so, stock photography doesn’t work for you.

Do you sell delicious hamburgers? That unappetizing image just won’t cut the mustard.

Custom photography helps businesses tell their story.

​Growing Business

As my website design business grew, so did the demand for custom photography services. My website design customers could see and understand the difference these images made to the overall presentation of their businesses.

I then found that there was an interest for custom photography outside of my website design work. I had people who needed the services of a photographer for a variety of jobs.

But rather than become “a guy with a camera,” I focused on a short list of photography services. This allows me to provide services to clients through Yolo county.

For my website design customers, I am available for most any type of photography project.

  • Need a portrait? Great. Can do.
  • You just finished construction on your new building and need an architectural photographer? Not a problem.
  • You need new photographs to update your online menu along with your print menu? You got it.
  • You are hosting an event and need a photographer? I can be available for events of most any size.

For non-website customers, I have a select set of photography options available.

  • Studio headshots
  • On-site corporate/team photo sessions
  • Food and product photography
  • Studio portraiture
Stewart Savage Portrait

Stewart Savage is a website designer and photographer with over 25 years of experience. Learn more about Stewart Savage and Abaton Consulting.

Photography services from Stewart Savage Photography

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UC Davis Picnic Day [April 2024]

UC Davis Picnic Day [April 2024]

UC Davis Picnic Day returns April 20, 2024. This annual open house celebrates the achievements of this rich and diverse learning community and it’s ties to Davis, CA.

Stewart Savage Portrait

Stewart Savage is a website designer and photographer with over 25 years of experience. Learn more about Stewart Savage and Abaton Consulting.

Photography services from Stewart Savage Photography

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