Happy Chamber of Commerce Anniversary

Congratulations on your anniversary with the Davis Chamber of Commerce. Whether you are a new business member celebrating your first anniversary or a long-standing business member celebrating your golden anniversary, you made the decision to be part of an organization that encourages business success and fosters an environment where all businesses can achieve.

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce you are connected to many other like-minded individuals who believe that by working together every member can succeed. Take every opportunity to meet and connect with other members of this wonderful organization

Your anniversary with the Davis Chamber of Commerce is an important milestone in your business timeline. It serves as a reminder of the day you made a decision to take that first step on the road to business success. 

As such, your Chamber anniversary date is an opportune time to review how you and your business has performed over the past year; what has been successful and what needs to be looked at. You can take a look at existing business resources to determine if they are in alignment with business goals, what needs to be added, and what needs to be removed.

Your website is a critical component of your overall business goals. It serves as a your primary marketing tool and helps your business connect with customers who are in need of your goods and/or services. So on your Chamber of Commerce anniversary, take this moment to see if your website is performing as required while letting your customers know that you are open for business.

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