About Abaton Consulting

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At Abaton Consulting, we believe that every business should have the opportunity to quickly and effectively connect with their customers. Connecting with customers allows businesses to develop strong, positive, and mutually beneficial relationships which enables businesses to extend their brand into the community.

Connecting with customers can prove to be difficult. The world around us is constantly changing. Technologies continue to evolve and require integration into existing business infrastructure. Changing market forces require greater effectiveness from existing technologies. Managing and supporting a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy can test the endurance of any business leader.

Abaton Consulting is dedicated to helping businesses and non-profits understand website design and the principles of internet marketing. We understand that technology is inextricably woven into the fabric of the modern business. The effective use of website design, digital media, and traditional marketing channels is required for a business to be successful.

Abaton (from the Greek a, not; baino, I go), a town of changing location. Though not inaccessible, no one has ever reached it and visitors headed for Abaton have been known to wander for many years without even catching a glimpse of the town. Certain travelers, however, have seen it rising slightly above the horizon, especially at dusk.
While to some the sight has caused great rejoicing, others have been moved to terrible sorrow without any certain cause. The interior of Abaton has never been described, but the walls and towers are said to be light blue or white or, according to other travelers, fiery red. Sir Thomas Bulfinch, who saw the outline of Abaton when travelling through Scotland from Glasgow to Troon, described the walls as “yellowish” and mentioned a distant music, somewhat like that of a harpsichord, coming from behind the gates; but it seems unlikely.
– Sir Thomas Bulfinch, My Heart’s in the Highlands, Edinburgh 1892

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