Fledgling website designers are always looking for resources and ideas for that next project, especially free fonts.  Inspiration can be found most anywhere.  Web Design Ledger offers such inspiration.  Take a look at their website to discover a variety of free fonts and resources.

Here is a link to some fantastic free fonts. Be sure to confirm the licensing before using.

8 New Free Fonts for your Designs | Freebies.

Free Fonts

The Moby typeface is first on the list. The Euro look for this free font will add a unique look to both modern and retro website designs.

Looking for something more “turn of the century?” Take a look at the Zarif Typface. This font definitely has the look of the “Roaring Twenties.”

With the look of a lettering template, Schablone Typeface brings back memories of grade school and using lettering templates for class projects.

Doodleista Type provides a nice blend between distinct letter shapes and hand-written font styles.

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